We at Park's American Bullies. Strive for excellence when it comes to breeding, We strive for the best quality of temperament, disposition, personality, correctness and character. All of our Bullies are Tri visual and Tri gene carriers. They are Extreme, Standard and Pocket sizes. All of our bullies are usually double registered with BRC GLOBAL(Bully Registry Global) and ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club). All of our French Bulldogs are of high quality. They are triple registered BRC GLOBAL (Bully Registry Global), ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club) and AKC (American Kennel Club). All of our Frenchis are of high show quality.

We feed all of our dogs high quality dog foods. They all get vitamins and high quality treats. We don't feed our dogs any table scraps. We are a family owned, family ran and family raised breeders. All of our American Bully family members are house kept and raised. They are not crate kept! They are around all ages of kids, adults and other pets! We take them out to meet new people and dogs on a daily bases. We keep them active on walks to parks, stores and our neighborhood. Our bullies are very well behaved and trained. These are high quality family pets, show dogs and breeders.

If you get a dog from us and for some reason you can't keep him/her we will gladly take them back to find them a good home. Please be responsible make sure you can have them in your home. Make sure you have the time to spend with him/her. Make sure you can meet him/her needs with Vet., food, exercise and mental growth. If you can't fulfill their needs please do not purchase a pet!